Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lost in Translation - An afternoon with HyperPanda

Can Panda's have ADD? Not sure what the scientific answer to that question is, but here in Dubai there are HyperPanda's everywhere!

In a quest to set up our new apartment Matt and I have been scouring the Dubai metro area for the equivalent of a Wal-Mart or a Target to pick up household basics. Not that the incredible amount of shopping venues in Dubai don't provide for all our needs, its just that - we are American! - how can we possibly be expected to go to different stores for different needs. It's just barbaric. I mean, we really can't be bothered to buy coarse sea salt, an air mattress, salt and vinegar chips, a blow drier, and lavender-scented candles in more than one stop.

Thankfully, Dubai has an answer for us. A light at the end of the tunnel to fulfill our need for one-stop shopping. I give you HyperPanda. It is a Saudi-based chain much like our beloved Wal-Mart and it has everything from beef bacon (remember no pork) to snorkeling gear and so much more in between. We took our first trip just a few days ago, and purchased the aforementioned sea salt and other items. Oh, and one of those tea boiler things! Having studied aboard in London I was quite aware of these handy little kitchen gadgets, but honestly, I implore you, if you are reading this go out and get one! Seriously, no respectable tea drinker should be without one. I think I might have to post a video of how fast this thing boils - it's like what I always thought the Jetsons would be like. No one should ever put a pot on the range again.

In sum, the store was great, the name however is a bit mystifying. Apparently somewhere along the way the translation from the American "super" market got a bit mixed up, so all the big markets here are considered "hyper". I wonder if the Hyper Bowl or Hyper Man are also literal translations? (Except if there is an actual Hyper Man I think Christopher Reeves would have to fight my fiancé for the title!) I have no earthly clue how Panda then worked it's way into the name, but I makes for some pretty funny mental images! The guy below looks a bit incorrigible if you ask me.

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