Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

But probably one you already knew about, though I'm surprised it hasn't ended up in court! This morning, I put in a new set of contacts I picked up yesterday. I had soaked them in the solution the optometrist gave me at checkout, and put one of them in. The experience was the most excruciating thing of my life, and went a bit like they did for her:

Apparently, it's not just me, and it wasn't contact lens solution. It was hydrogen peroxide contact lens cleaner, which basically stings your eye so badly that you can't open it for 30 minutes.

The More You Know: DO NOT PUT CONTACT LENS CLEANER ON YOUR EYE. Sure, it doesn't have a warning on the bottle that says "NEVER, EVER PUT IN EYES" or "DO NOT SOAK YOUR CONTACTS IN THIS" - but it does say "ActiLens" and "for all types of contacts". Reaaaaal helpful guys.

I offer this alternate use for a product I would have otherwise thrown onto a busy highway: Keep this in a high traffic area. If anyone comes by trying to steal contact lens solution, you'll know who they are by the blood red eyes. Lisa also told me she did this (she tried to steal her brothers), and her eyes stayed red for a week, even after going to the hospital.

I hope you've enjoyed this, and I might have saved at least one unsuspecting victim.

For anyone else out there, feel free to read this website created by someone who did exactly what I did. I found it with one eye open while screaming in pain - yay Google!

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