Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Two Towns

It was by pure coincidence that I found myself on You Tube this past week and found two new videos that perfected juxtaposed my two towns! I went to You Tube first based on my pure curiosity about finding a music video that has been filmed in Dubai recently. "Yalla Habibi" (which basically means "let's go, baby" - these two words are likely the two most often used words in the Arabic language) is a song that is taking the airwaves by storm in the UAE. The artist Karl Wolf grew up outside of Dubai and as such the region provides a huge built in fan base. The video is a pretty hilarious look at the excess that is Dubai, but also provides a 'dramatic opening'. The film begins with a look at a traditional Bedouin in the desert hunting with a falcon and ends on a yatch in front of the Burj Dubai - yup that's pretty much Dubai...

The video was filmed in our backyard, so all the images give you a sense of what we see as we drive to work everyday!

Then, while on You Tube I happened to come across this gem, which is a newly created video inspired by our old hometown of Arlington. Although far away, we think of our family and friends there often and this video gave us some very familiar laughs. Enjoy viewing the line up between our two towns!

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