Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Melting! The Plight of a Car in Dubai

It's summertime in Dubai, and that means its hot.  Really hot.  Let's put it this way, our 'low' for the week is currently 92 degrees!

There's a lot of tricks you can pull when it's this hot out - baking cookies on the dash or frying an egg on the sidewalk, that's easy!

But can you, I ask, melt your car?
Apparently the heat was more than our little TT could take yesterday.  I rolled down the window to swipe my parking pass and when I rolled it back it up the entire lining had melted and this weird slimy goo stained the windows.  Yuck!  Now I know what car guts look like.
Thankfully we can't be brought up on car abuse charges, but we'll try to keep our little TT out of the sun next time.  Apparently it does age you!

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jimdad said...

I smell a new product coming to the Dubai Home Shopping Network - 100 spf CarScreen: Only 178.39 durhams ($19.95 US)! But wait - if you act now, we'll double your order...