Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Sunsets Bring December Showers

So, it's finally getting nice outside - and by nice, I mean "not sweaty".   Sure, it's snowed a few inches just about everywhere else already, but now is the time in Dubai when most people come out of their air-conditioned hibernation, and the rich folk fly back for the winter.  We've even had a drizzle ourselves already, but with only two seasons a year (Summer, and REALLY HOT Summer), it's hard to remember what it's like when it's nice out.
Some people watch the thermometer, but I tend to wait for the clouds - and lately, we've started to get a couple:
Beyond morning fog from The Day After Tomorrow (that's actually a photo from Abu Dhabi yesterday by Pavel Janosik), you can tell because the sky is suddenly clear (read: not full of sand) and you the great sunsets start.  Katie and I recently brought along a camera on our evening walks, and snapped a couple good ones.  Enjoy!

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