Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Is The Dawning of the Age of Aquariums

It's the dead of summer here in Dubai, and that means everything has moved indoors. And what better place to move it than the worlds largest refridgerator, er, mall?
One of the best things to move out of the hot, hot Gulf sun is diving - now you can swim with the sharks and shop for shoes at the same time! After shopping at Aldo (see the reflection), my brother Chris and I decided to try not being lunch:
It was pretty surreal being on the floor of the huge tank, looking through the glass from the other side and waving all of the kids and families. You get this really, really weird feeling of what it would feel like to be a fish for a little bit. You know, breathing under water, having people stare at you, trying to not get eaten by sharks......Or groupers the size of small cars....
After the half-hour tour of the aquarium, we wandered into the cave where all of the sharks were sleeping (sorry, not pictures allowed in the cave!) and then on to one to a little corner with water filters, where we found a school of rays hiding and swimming in place through the current:

There were a couple of times that an over zealous shark would swim beneath us, and I'm frantically trying to keep myself from falling on top of it. Overall, I highly recommend the dive - you get near-collision exposure to more than a dozen sharks, and your fair share of freak outs. All that, and right next to the food court!

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udjim said...

Thanks for the great photos and commentary!

If only they'd had this option for parents back when we kept losing you in the mall...