Monday, January 23, 2012

Dirty Jobs, Dubai Edition: Cleaning a Skyscraper

For anyone, it's a bit disturbing to hear a knock on your window.  When you're a few hundred feet off the ground, and the knock is someone's foot, it's a bit freaky.
Mike Rowe, eat your heart out - this is a "Dirty Job" that your producers will never let you try!

Cleaning skyscrapers is big business - every tower has a window-washer basket that lowers from the roof.  In the olden days (2010), people would hang out in these baskets - it wasn't a job for the faint of heart:
Apparently, they're not very efficient - so now buildings hire teams of dozens of rappelling window washers, that cheat death every day.  Enter "Spider Washers" - a company that is taking over the market in the UAE and scaring residents every day.  Here they are invading my balcony (I knew somebody was stealing our outdoor pillows!)

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jimdad said...

Maybe they were filming the next Mission Impossible?