Saturday, February 13, 2010

When the Saints Go Marching In

There are many benefits to living in Dubai, but when as a red-blooded American, you want to take in the Superbowl the 3:45am start time just isn't sleep friendly. 
However we don't give up so easily - even if we have to ignore all social media, news outlets and annoying spoil-sports for a whole day just to enjoy the game with an element of suspense.  At 9pm the next day our local sports pub was kind enough to host a viewing session for those dedicated few.  They even put together a special American-style snack menu for us (because pita and hummus doesn't really scream "football"), although I have no idea what a "bulldog" hotdog is supposed to be.

As we finally tuned in I realized, to my horror, that the stations here have cut out all of the commericals and the half-time show.  This is the Superbowl people!  Don't you know it's all about the commericals?  (I heard I wasn't missing much from the Who's peformance.)

So post-game I of course hiked it over to YouTube to catch up.  I leave you with this.  "Keep yo' hands of my momma, keep yo' hands off my Doritos."  Indeed!

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udjim said...

Don't know what a "Bull Dog Style" hot dog is? OK, I checked with Wikipedia for you - and you're not going to like what I found...

"At Zinga's Corn Patch, in Lafayette NJ you will find the popular Bull Dog (a 1/4 lb hot dog deep fried and served on a sub roll with white American cheese, relish and crisp bacon)."

Be glad you didn't order this one at the party.