Saturday, February 23, 2008

Salam Aleikum!

Rashid here from United States, and I'm concerned. It's a strange cold world here, and so much rainier than my hometown of Dubai. I'm trying to fit in, but there's just so much that's different about this place. I'll try to keep you all posted on everything I see, and keep a lookout for anything really strange - especially all of these crazy immoral traditions.

Here's one I found at a local petrol pump. Not only does gas cost $3.05 (that's $2.40 more than ours!) per gallon (and what the heck is a gallon? Liters, please!), but these gas stations are very weird. Yesterday, I was paying for gas, and look at what I found:

My kind hosts tell me it is sold at station counters for young children to play a game called "beer pong". While I've heard of beer, I don't see why people should do something so vile while playing ping pong. Just despicable. And "Reload"? How much of this game are they playing? Do they get so desperate late at night that they have to go to the pump for package of plastic cups and replacement ping pong balls?
Honestly, this is just too much. I'm going to buy a coat now, and let you know what else I find out. Rashid the private eye is on the case!

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