Friday, January 28, 2011

I Think Drano Needs a Facebook Group

Somehow, Facebook (a website started by college students, by the way) doesn't have a group mentioning the benefits of Drano.  I can almost understand this - how many people say "Hey, that plumbing solution was AWESOME, let me grab my laptop"?

Well, fortunately for Facebook and Drano, I'm a huge nerd with a recently unclogged sink.  But wait, there's more!

It turns out that Dubai plumbing isn't what it's all cracked up to be.  Apparently not having any sort of sewer system has finally taken it's revenge.  Which is how when Katie woke up to grab a glass of water in the early morning the sink decided to have it's moment.

A bad night, yes, but for me - disaster.  The backed up sink wouldn't budge.  Hot water?  Check.  Plunger?  Hilarious.  Coat hanger?  The clog is laughing at me.  So it's 3am, and I'm grabbing every chemical under the sink.  I pour half a bottle of Drano into the clogged gallon of water in the sink, and laugh to myself about the good that will do.

I have a quick chat, turn back around, and the pile of liquid waiting to drain for the past hour was gone - who knows what the clog was, but Drano took care of it.  Immediately, my mind turns to "I touched that stuff - will my fingers be eaten off too?"  Scary chemical thoughts aside, Drano - you've got yourself a lifetime client.

But that's not enough - I have to tell everyone about this miracle chemical!  So, like any huge nerd who has wifi, a laptop, and recovering woman on his hands, I hit facebook.  No drano group?  Really?  Nobody else has a late-night issue with a significant other that results in time to post hilarious Drano comments?  I find that hard to believe - especially since Drano's website has a blog called (I'm not making this up) ClogTalk.

Enjoy folks, because this has been your first episode of ClogTalk with Matt and Katie.  Tune into 980 AM every, err....just check back on the blog ;)

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jimdad said...

Matt + Drano? It conjures up thoughts of other ill-advised pairings... Diet Coke and Mentos, for example.