Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Shook Up!

I was sitting on our chaise lounge, legs extended, laptop on lap, remote in hand killing time until Matt arrived from his midnight flight from Saudi.  Suddenly, the couch started vibrating and the laptop began bouncing up and down on my lap while I tried to steady my legs.  While I may have been giddy for Matt to get home I've never experienced involuntary leg shivers!

After about 20 seconds it stopped.  Now totally disturbed I looked out the window from our 28th floor.  Everything else seemed to be normal, construction vehicles were still mulling about and the lights were off in most other apartments.

Of course my mind naturally went to the occult.  Ever since we watched Paranormal Activity I've been sure that the apartment will become haunted while Matt was out on a business trip.  Now I just had to figure out if I was in danger, or if this was a friendly spirit?

Matt came home during my contemplation and I shared with him what happened.  He didn't have any answers, but just as we were about to go to bed the reports started popping up on CNN.  There had been a massive earthquake in Pakistan and it was indeed felt in Dubai!

Assured that I wasn't crazy, or haunted, I was shocked to find that I had felt an earthquake with an epicenter 500 miles away.  It registered at a 7.4.  If it was making my couch shake 500 miles away I can't imagine what it must of felt like in Pakistan!

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jimdad said...

Be forewarned that the CNN report predicted "major aftershocks". Please put your laptop (and yourself) in a safe place :)