Saturday, February 23, 2008

Announcing New Features! Kicks Off With Rashid

Now that I have your attention from the photo (sorry Malcolm - and ladies, he can be reached at +971-050...), we wanted to announce a couple of new blog features.

First off, we hate carpal tunnel as much as the next guy, so no more long URLs. Just go to (or for you fancies, go ahead and spell it out - think we didn't do our homework? from now on. Makes it easier for a) you to type, and b) your office IT administrator to block!

Next up, we are now adding a new series - travel reviews, opinions, and recommendations. Yes, we are taking submissions! If you have a place that was absolutely amazing, incredibly horrible, or that you were just kicked out of for being beligerent (you know who you are), send it in. (If you don't have any relevant pics, we would prefer some sort of embarassing baby photos.)

Lastly, Two Guides are abroad for the next ten days. As such, we have employed our friend Rashid (pictured below) to fill in during our abscence. Little Rashid, whose for a day job is the mascot for Healthcare City, told us that you all really like to see the crazy differences between Dubai and your hometowns. Fortunately, Rashid is in the States right now, and will be letting you all know about the craaaaaazy stuff those Bushies do. Take it away Rashid!

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