Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally, some Mexican food!

Not too much to say here, but people have to eat! Thanks to Maya, Amer's fiance, we had some badly-needed guacamole at one of the finer latin restaurants in town - Pachanga. Good, spicy, Rosa Mexicano-style guac right at the table. And it's a good thing - when Amer and Maya tie the knot in California in a few weeks, there will definitely be enough Mexican food to make him miss Jordan!

A quick review for those of you out, about, and hungry. Pachanga is good, authentic latin food, which this town could do with a lot more of. The service was also quite good - the waiter with the wine was a little TOO prompt, and our glasses seemed to always be full. The bartender was even kind enough to wrap one of the presents for us - after he ran to the gift shop downstairs to get wrapping paper and a bow. Nice guy! They were also immaculate at dealing with a crowd of 16 - they handled our unruly group with ease. Of course, we had drinks in the bar, moved outside for a toast of champagne and strawberries, to our table for food, and up to the dance floor. Food was good, but it's hard to impress us with latin food. It was definitely authentic, down to roaming servers with steak-on-a-stick slicing off the beef for us. There were a few pieces that couldn't been better - more guacamole (order 2 servings if you go), but overall very good.

The live music was a nice touch - it's been awhile since I've heard the El Mariachi guitar song from Desprado, and it definitely added to the ambiance. So, highly recommended - if there were more places like Pachanga (and they were a bit closer than the marina), we'd all be a little heavier.

Of course, the champagne flowed all night (it's starting to be a really bad habit !). We ended the night early to save up for the next day...

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