Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chocol'art: Charity and Chocolate a Sweet Combination

There are some combinations that are just made for each other: cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, and pretzels and ice cream (is the last one just me?), but we had a new sweet combo added to the palette with the introduction of charity and chocolate through the Chocol'art event held at the Emirates Towers last week.  

From the same social entrepreneurs that brought Dubai Nutella Nights (see our posts from 2008 and 2009) and combined Nutella consumption with a silent auction to benefit various charities, comes Chocol'art, a socially conscious event that supports local artists while supporting the Make a Wish Foundation. 

At the intersection of the sweet addiction inspired by cocoa, the warm fulfillment of charity work, and the radiant promise held in innocent children comes a new concept in a socially-responsible excuses to party…Chocol’art!!

Galleries, artists and designers across Dubai were invited to create spontaneous and unique works during the event, all inspired by and related to the theme of chocolate. 

We enjoyed a beautiful night at the Emirates Towers with Mom and Dad while Matt spent the night manning his table for the silent auction.  Knot Standard generously donated two custom made suits for the evening's events!  The night featured a movie star theme and loads of chocolate of course!

Matt with Knot Standard's biggest investors...(of love).
It was a wonderful night for the open air venue, and this well dressed lady was my hot date!
Crepes for dinner?  Yes please.
Even giants love chocolate.
BMW featured a live drive in movie theatre on the promenade, you were welcome to pop into the cars and enjoy the movie.
I'll take them!  8.5 please.
The Knot Standard booth had a great location - you couldn't miss it!
Dad got photo bombed by Marilyn Monroe and friends.
Morgan Freeman?
The art I was most interested in - alas none came home, I was out bid!

Hardest working guy in the bespoke business.

 Matt also got pulled from the crowd to speak on stage about Knot Standard!

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jimdad said...

Great clothes, cars, shoes, even celebrities - but where is the chocolate?