Thursday, October 9, 2008

Airbus A380: The World's Largest Airliner OR the World's Smallest Bar

Emirates Airlines has just started service of its very own flying guppy, and I recently had the chance to fly one to and from New York. It was a genuinely new experience - like no other flight, but you still can't leave the room for 12 hours (without a parachute).
Possibly the least thought-out (and most fun) aspect of the flight is the nightclub/bar on the second floor (or the dorsal fin of the guppy, if you still have that stuck in your head).When you have a whole bunch of passengers from first and business stuck next to a full bar for 12 hours with no cell pones, hilarity ensues. It was like a Budweiser commercial - Know When to Say When. Unfortunately for the passengers sleeping on the other side of the curtain, nobody did. Flight attends yelling ssshhhhhhh every five minutes did nothing to turn the tide, and most people got off the plane looking pretty ragged. Imagine paying $6K a pop for your ticket, and having to sleep next to a bar. Can you say refund?

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udjim said...

How long before Emirates starts charging more for seats in the quieter "economy" section on this plane?