Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dubai I Do's

Don't you just love weddings?  Here at Dubai Diary we think that these days of devotion are the tops, which is why we were so excited to receive an invite to a beach side wedding from friends Brian and Maryam this Spring.  In a race to get in the outdoor ceremony and reception before Dubai starts baking, they ended up with an absolutely gorgeous day for their nuptials, and a beautiful sunset to top it all off.

Having only been to one other ballroom wedding Dubai, I was stunned by how beautiful the scenery was at the Al Qasr hotel for their special day.  They chose a private stretch of sand right above the surf for the exchange of their vows, and we were treated to the sounds of a violin player before and during the ceremony which added a wonderful touch to their big day.  The Chinese paper fans were a lovely favor for use during the ceremony, and we were lucky to have a nice breeze going!

Maryam looked beautiful as she was walked down the aisle by her brother, and it was great to meet a lot of Brian's family and friends from Detroit.  Finally the Americans were a majority at a Dubai event (well at least on the dance floor)!  We got down to the sounds of the 80's before we thoroughly exhausted ourselves and send the bride and groom on their merry way.  Here's to a lifetime of happiness!  To Brian and Maryam...

Yes! The perfect accessory.  Fiona and I practice looking demure at the pre-ceremony cocktails.
The groom mixes and mingles before the ceremony!  His custom tailored suit is courtesy of - made in just FIVE days before the wedding.  No kidding, it was dropped off the morning of, not even a fitting needed!
Maryam looking angelic coming down the aisle.  She ordered the dress sight unseen from the US and it fit perfectly.  That's what I call fate.
The bride and groom feed each other honey.  It's an Iranian tradition to help you remember to always have sweetness in life.  Maryam's big sister, Shiva, looks on.
The beautiful setting for the strings.
Getting some face time with the bride.  There was a lot of smiles to go around!
Catching a shot with the Burj Al Arab in the background just as the sun starts to set at the reception.
Their sunset.  The perfect end to a perfect day.

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