Monday, April 25, 2011

Paris (Hilton), Dubai?

Oh as if the Vanity Fair article wasn't enough bad press for Dubai!  I'm not sure if Ms. Hilton is going to help our case.  Almost 2 years ago Paris Hilton was in town filming a season of her My BFF reality television show, in which twenty-something hopefuls vie for the chance to play best friends with Paris.  We had thought that it might not see the light of day since I hadn't heard anything about it for so long - but like the prodigal son - it has returned.

The trailer for her upcoming season filmed in Dubai has been unleashed on the world.  Feast your eyes below.

If the preview is any indication we are in for quite the treat (grimace).  Hey at least this MTV generation will be able to find Dubai on a map (hopefully) after seeing this!  Who says TV can't be educational? 

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jimdad said...

I think you want to be as far away from this as possible.

What's the feline expression? RRRREAHR?