Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Fall is finally here in Dubai!  Which means that we now get to enjoy "normal" summer weather for the next few months.  The temperature has dropped from 115 degrees each day to about 90 degrees and we are even getting a sea breeze at night.  Dubai really only has two seasons: hot and hotter.  But this is our Fall and I am determined to embrace it!

Which is why when Matt and I walked into Waitrose the other night we were tickled to find a pumpkin display front and center!  I nearly jumped for joy!  Those are bonda-fide USA grade pumpkins friends (really they are from Indiana!).
It's like he was sent here just to make me smile!
Warning - too much sugar (and excitement over finding candy apples) will make you do weird things!
This is what Matt sees when he wakes up in the morning!  Scary!
My softer side.
I think that this facial hair could work for Matt, don't you?
Unfortunately, the checkout counter at the grocery store was the closest we got to dressing up this year.  However, I refused to be kept down and insisted on wearing an orange and black ensemble to dinner last night.  For Halloween we decided to "treat" ourselves by checking out the awesome Uptown Lounge at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.  As you can see, the view was spectacular.

I am really upset, because I found out my family hosted a Halloween party this year and for some reason didn't invite me!  They probably thought they could get away with it, but then somebody smuggled in a camera and sent me this video!

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jimdad said...

'Sorry that you and Matt didn't take those masks to the streets of Dubai - I'm wondering what the locals think about this holiday.

OTOH, we'd prefer not to have you writing your blog from a cell somewhere.