Monday, July 6, 2009

Saudi Independence Day

I begin today, an anniversary of our country's birth, with an insightful quote: "What better way to celebrate the independence of our country than to blow up a piece of it?". Thank you, Apu from the Simpsons, truer words have never been spoken. Though today, if I were to celebrate in that manner, there *might* be a problem.
While Katie is enjoying the barbeque festivities, and most people in Dubai are either celebrating today or did yesterday (we'll count on Lisa to share yesterday's BBQ), I am stuck doing demonstrations in Riyadh all weekend.

You have to hand it to the Saudi's - they know how to negotiate! "You want our business? You think you know the Middle East from your comfy American chair? Prove it - come meet with us on July 4th and 5th!" Thanks guys - that's very kind. Saudi Arabia already has crazy weekends - the week starts Saturday morning and ends Wednesday around 3pm - so it's adding insult to injury.

But I have it easy - we have people with us that had to fly from the US directly, which made it a July 2nd-July 6th working holiday for them. And no, they tend to frown on fireworks here in Riyadh. Honestly, they still check your trunk and engine each time you drive up to an office building or hotel.

So just remember the favorite phrase: "eat, drink, and be merry - tomorrow, you could be in Riyadh!"

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udjim said...

Knowing your love of pyrotechnics, I'm sure missing the 4th was especially painful for you. FWIW, several portions of rural New York State were blown up in your honor last week.