Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Al Ain Airshow

This weekend, we visited the Al Ain airshow, the biggest grouping of families in the UAE that I've ever seen. The whole day was good clean fun, except for the food lines. Two people cooking lunches in the whole stadium wasn't exactly a great idea - but the nachos and popcorn did the trick.
They had a number of aircraft on the ground for people to visit, including the UAE airforce's own Apache helicopter.
In addition to the ground show, there were exhibits of radio controlled airplanes, UAe traditional dance, and - of course - jets buzzing the tower! The Saudi air team made it over as well, with their Hawker jets and put on a great show with red, white, and green smoke trails. So did the Italians, flying a group of World War II Russian Yak fighters. Notice the yahoo below waving to the crowd with the UAE flag hanging out the back. Of course, it wouldn't be a responsible airshow without a "green" aircraft, so they brought a glider! Even he couldn't resist buzzing the stands, so we were able to get some great close ups:
Lastly, with Valentine's coming up, I'll leave it to the Saudis to get the celebration kicked off with "Shot Through the Heart"!For the full gallery, Click Here.

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udjim said...

Great photos, as usual!

Interesting that the Italian pilots seem to prefer WWII-era Russian fighters over their own modern planes. As a former Fiat owner, I can sympathize.