Friday, September 4, 2009

I Just Flew 14,374km, and Boy Are My Arms Tired

And my face, and my legs, and my back, and I'm stuffed up, and...woa, I need to lie down. Here's how NOT to de-stress after a big wedding:
  1. Drive from Washington DC to Philadelphia PA
  2. Drop off wedding gifts that are too heavy for our arms to carry
  3. Take the train to New York's Penn Station
  4. Sit in rush hour NYC traffic to JFK Airport
  5. Fly to Dubai
  6. Rush from Dubai Airport, back to the apartment, find out that your cleaning lady took all of the carefully packed "honeymoon bags", and since she was bored (we were gone), took everything out of the bags and put it back in our closets, then puts the bags themselves in storage (thanks, Evelyn - good initiative on that one!)
  7. Go back to the airport, tell immigration that, "Yes, I know I was just here, I'm getting back on a plane", and fly to the Maldives
  8. Take a speedboat ride to the hotel.

Yup - so please pardon us for not getting on the blog posting all that quick. Here's how we started out (notice the "go get 'em" attitude!): And here's what that same Katie looked like on Minute One of the honeymoon:

But believe me, I was no better! I barely made it to the villa, and had to crawl back under a tree somewhere to beat out the jet lag: So, don't worry - we've got a backlog of pictures, and yes, even some from the wedding! We'll get all that out to you in our spare time, as long as we don't get eaten by sharks or our house on stilts doesn't get washed away (that's another post!).

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